Monday, October 31, 2005

Australia Postmodern

In the Australia Post office, desks and people were scattered over the floor haphazardly. A girl stood in one corner looking over various envelopes. Gone are the days when envelopes are used to put things in and send somewhere. Now, they have targeted audiences and specific purposes. The girl stood there for about five minutes, looking for an ordinary envelope.

Walking through the office, by the pens and CDs and folders and pamphlets and documents and important-looking stuff was a little like walking through a maze. Try as I might, I just couldn't find what I was looking for: an electoral enrolment form, and a passport application form. Maybe one of these days you'll need to have a passport to find the passport application form.

I couldn't even find a queue. Australia Post had dispensed with such bourgeoise traditional notions as 'queues' and 'customer service', it seemed. Instead, customers were made to stand about in abstract patterns, as if they were mimes doing an imitation of the Mandelbrot set. At least the girl in front of me had a nice arse.

Later, I left.

Australia Post: Making it Even Harder for You To Find Nothing At All.


somewhat-sober said...

excellent, someone else has noticed the shambles that is australia post.

i rarely venture into a fully blown one, preferring my local newsagent-come-post-office however on the rare occasion i do need to engage the services of australias postal network outlet i walk away baffled and offended that the money i am paying them is being used to run such an unprofessional, untidy and unpleasant establishment

coffee and cigarettes said...

the thought of going into a post office fills me with dread... oh for the days of a post office selling stamps at the counter and handing out the occasional passport application form

Speaking of passport application forms, do I sense an impending journey little TimmyT? Pray tell

TimT said...

I was planning on flying back to Newcastle to see my parents for Christmas. The saga of me and passports, though, has been going on all year, and when the time is right, I may tell all ...

Somewhat Sober (great blog name!), this AP was much better than some of the others in central Melbourne, which are absolutely overflowing with customers. You have to wait in line for an hour before buying a freaking stamp!

Anonymous said...

I have a redirection service in place at the moment, having recently moved house. Australia Post is so efficient that they redirect my by overdue notices at the same time as the bills I should have received a month earlier.

TimT said...

Overdue overdue notices, eh? That's pretty bad. They should change their name to Australia Postmortem.

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