Sunday, October 09, 2005

The Sunday Seven

Time for a quiz!

1) Is swearing grammatically acceptable?

2) Why do people make facial expressions and gestures when they're talking on the phone?

3) Is Evil Pundit really evil, or would a better name for his blog be "The-Guy-Who-Uses-the-Term-Evil-Ironically-Even-Though-He-Is,-In-Fact,-Only-Slightly-Naughty Pundit"?

4) Should we blame the patriarchy for the patriarchy, or is that the zionists fault?

5) A train is travelling towards Sydney at 100 km an hour. A train is travelling on the opposite track towards Melbourne at 123 km an hour. Given a random point, 'f', at which the two trains will pass one another, then:
a) Should you order pizza for dinner?
b) Why?

6) Am I really 'TimT', or were you guys just fooling me all along?

And finally,

7) Just what is the difference between a duck?

Hand in your answers, please, at the end of the class.


Althea said...

I have your answers Mr. Timt:

1) Yes. Abso-fucking-lutely.

2) Because human beans are expressive little beans.

3) About as evil as a (non-slimy) ham sandwich

4) What patriarchy? We live in a matriarchy now! (hehe)

5)a) Only if you're ordering beer and cones as well...
b) Because otherwise, you're just not getting the full experience.

6) No need for the identity crisis, TimT. You're only about as deluded as the rest of us. Near as I can tell from over here anyway...

7) No difference. Only deliciously fatty goodness.

Guy said...

1) Damn straight.

2) Because people are hard-wired to communicate in a manner that includes the odd stupid-looking face.

3) He is a lefty pretending to be evil.

4) The zionists get blamed for enough as it is.

5) a) Yes.
b) Because any time is a good time to order pizza.

6) Both.

7) Errrr.... curious.

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