Monday, October 03, 2005

Ways To Amuse Yourself #2

1. Go and find yourself a pride of lions. It shouldn't be too hard.

2. Go up to the largest male in the pack.

3. Shout 'boo', very loudly, in their face.

4. Watching them run away from you in fear will provide hours of merriment.

Don't worry, they won't eat you unless they're hungry.
(Inspired by Gorilla Bananas excellent suggestion.)


TimT said...


The lion, the lion, he dwells in the waste,
He has a large head and a very small waist.
His eyes, they are fierce, and his jaws, they are grim,
And a good little child will not play with him.

The tiger, on the other hand, is kittenish and mild
And makes a pretty playfellow for any little child;
And mothers of good families, who claim to common sense,
Will find the tiger well repays the trouble and expense.

- Hillaire Belloc.

coffee and cigarettes said...

cute poem, but I don't know about tigers being kittenish and mild, check out the babies at this link

coffee and cigarettes said...

PS where can I find a lion? I'm a little bored at the moment so that sounds like it could be fun

TimT said...

Well, there's always the zoo, but if you can't go there, just find a baby and shout 'boo' at it, instead. Making babies cry is almost as much fun.

rachy said...

the closest thing in our house to a baby is my mother in a snooty mood, should I just shout BOO at her instead?!

TimT said...

Yes! An excellent suggestion! Then you can blog about the results!

rachy said...

She just looked at me really strangely and asked me if I had been drinking...

TimT said...

Hmmm, if she'd been a baby she would have burst into tears.

Maybe you should do it again.

Rubydot said...

I think try it with a big grizzly bear too. Then you get a hug too! And who doesn't love a bear hug?

TimT said...

I prefer a bare hug, if it's the right person.

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