Thursday, October 06, 2005

Ways To Make The World A More Perfect Place #7

Watches should only ever show one time on them. To avoid confusion, the time would be agreed on internationally in a set of United Nations conferences, in which everyone would settle on the time 6.42 pm*. That way, although the watches wouldn't be accurate, they would be right at least once a day, and it would be easier to remember what they said.
This would make things altogether simpler for people to agree upon times to meet, and even though they might end up turning up for meetings at wildly different hours of the day or night, it would be nobodies fault.
Most important of all, because watches weren't running anymore, they would avoid contributing to the imminent heat-death of the universe, and in these environmentally-troubled times, that has to be a good thing.

*Because it's after most people's work times. Well, most SENSIBLE people, that is ...


rachy said...

that was frightfully succinct, I can hear the desperate cries of Proust as I write this... actually, I think Joyce is beating him up... bloody Irish!

TimT said...

No, no, that's just a fire hydrant. Joyce forgot to put his glasses on.

rachy said...

or had one too many ales to tell the difference!

Jimmy Joyce said...

T'at wid be poteen, straight from the tundish, to be sure.

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