Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Geek-related News

Judit Polgar has become the new geek pin-up.

The geek grrrrrrrrrrrrrl herself!

She is the first woman ever to compete in a world chess championship.

I'm very excited at this news. I'm having fantasies involving myself and Judit's cerebral cortex even as I type. Oh baby. Excuse me.


redsaid said...

I don't know... somehow I just don't think that she is thinking about chess in that photograph.

What is she thinking? You tell us! That's what we give you the no money for!

xxx Redsaid

TimT said...

That's exactly what I thought too, Red. Maybe 'Mmmm, I could just about do with a cheeseburger and potato chips about now' or, 'I like shoes'???

Judit's got quite an interesting story. She and her two sisters have been playing chess on the international circuit for years; when they were kids, they practically did nothing but study chess, day in, day out - their father made them do it.

She didn't win. The new world champion is Vesselin Topalov. :(

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