Thursday, October 27, 2005


The first time I saw Inspector Rex, the show ended with him chasing down a criminal in a park. The appeal was simple and obvious. Rex was a big mean scary looking German Shepherd and you wanted to see him catch that criminal. Catch him Rex, catch him!!!

Inspector Rex - Kommissar Rex in the German (a much better title) could be boring. Some shows had Rex doing stupid little doggy tricks, like shaking peoples hands, or moving sticks about from one spot to another. Cute, but you can't sustain a show that is screened right across Europe and in Australia on that basis. What is interesting is the blood, the violence, and murder - and the German Shepherd on the side of law and order.

The best shows always have something slightly twisted about them. The killers make interesting case studies, with mother complexes and obsessive compulsive disorders, and paranoiac delusions aplenty. It's difficult to say which are the better of the Rex shows - the earlier ones, with Moser (the dashing detective with an eye for the ladies), or the later ones (where the romance between ever-so-sexy Niki and her male sidekick is positively sizzling*).

I tuned in tonight. It was good; it could have been great. A guy who owns a candy-shop catches a little girl and murders her. Or does he really? Is he covering up for someone? His wife?
The plot twists and turns quite effectively, but what does Rex do through all of this? Nothing. The most he has to do is bark and shift a seat off the top of a kid after a staircase has fallen on him.
I long for the days when Rex chased swarthy, felonious-looking men through shady city parks. Those were good times...

Ah, Rex. What is your secret? The almost-excellent production values, the mostly-quirky plot, the relatively-capable acting, the rather-clever scripting?


*Hey, he lays her in the first episode, how much more sizzling can you get?


TimT said...

There's a good dog!!!

Caz said...

Oh my gawd! How clever; posting your own comments to get people to stay on your blog for longer & read all the *cough* comments from your *splutter* devoted readership.

I luurrve it! Brilliant, diabolical, the blogging paradigm has been subverted!!!!!!!!!!!!!

TimT said...

I'm glad you *harumph!* liked it. I'm paranoid about people not posting comments on my blog, so I've got into the habit of doing this.

But fair point, this commenting in my own comments section is getting out of hand.

Caz said...

No, truly, I think it's a wonderful idea. Wish I'd thought of it myself, DAMN IT. My twisted thinking is not nearly as twisted as it needs to be, and you have put me to shame. For that offence alone I should withdraw all of my comments from your blog.

Gawwwd. I'm so darned envious of your devious mind!

TimT said...

TonyT did it first, and his comments are way wittier than mine.

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