Friday, October 21, 2005

I'm As Slightly Miffed as Hell and I'm Not Going to Take It Indefinitely

Dear Mr Howard,

Greetings. I am the representative for the SLIGHTLY MIFFED SOCIETY, a progressive goup with the dedicated aim of DOING THINGS and DOING THEM AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, unless it is better not to do them.

Recently, we performed a survey on a subject we have been hearing a lot about lately: TERRORISM. That's right, terrorism.
Responses amongst the SLIGHTLY MIFFED SOCIETY were quite wide. They ranged from Vague Unease, through to Slight Anxiety, Mild Dislike, Not Quite Rightness, and a General Feeling of Dissatisfaction That Was Neither Here Nor There. We felt Slightly Better after sitting down and having a nice cup of tea, but only just.

Terrorism, we all felt, was something that was Not Very Nice, and that We'd All Be Very Much Happier If It Just Went Away.

In conclusion, Mr Howard, we DEMAND that you do something about our Slight Concern and you do it right now. Furthermore, we INSIST that you think, and think DECISIVELY, about doing something about terrorism.

Thank you.
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TimT said...

All together now:

What do we want?

Moderate progress within the bounds of law!

When do we want it?

As soon as possible!

rachy said...

you think about working for the UN...

TimT said...

I've thought about it, and I've thought decisively about it.

coffee and cigarettes said...

it's amazing how far active consideration will get you!

TimT said...

So true. Politicians love it. I once went to a local Newcastle council meeting where they were - no joke - setting agendas for the writing down of plans for the organisation of topics for debate for a discussion paper about the redevelopment of Newcastle city centre. Or something like that.

I remember another time, when I heard a pollie on television talking about how they were going to solve some serious world problem - people shooting at one another with guns 'n' stuff, or people dying in some earthquake, or something - by sitting down and having a discussion.

Politicians are stupid.

coffee and cigarettes said...

that Newcastle Council meeting sounds like something straight out of Yes Minister!

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