Saturday, March 10, 2007

At Narita Airport

On the Narita stopover during my flight back to Australia, I noticed that the Japanese referred to the high-paying customers of another flight as 'First Crass Customers'.

I love this. It suggests that passengers can get a good seat by simply fronting up and saying swear words:

"Herro, first crass or economy?"
"Prease step this way, sir!"

"First crass?"
"Wercome aboard!"

"First crass passenger, sir?"
"Sorry, sir: we are not taking on second crass customers yet. Onry first crass!"


TimT said...

While we're on the subject of Engrish, the Asiatic medicine store down the road offers treatment for 'Irritable Bowl Syndrome'. Yes, the same one mentioned in this post.

Mish said...

This really made me raugh out roud. Thanks Tim, I needed that!

TimT said...

Rearry, it's not a probrem. 'Course, those Japanese have one-up on me - they actually speak two languages, and the occasional mispronunciation hardly alters that fact!

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