Thursday, March 01, 2007

Not Me

There was a landslide in San Francisco yesterday. Basically, one of the peep shows on Broadway suddenly became one of the peep shows under Broadway. You'll be relieved to know that I was not there at the time.

Actually, no-one was there at the time. That's the thing about peep shows, after all: if you ask people about them after the fact, you will usually find that nobody was there at the time. If someone else denies this, just ask them if they were there at the time: they will usually be unable to confirm or deny the fact that you weren't there at the time, and if you say they were, you can't prove it.

In other words, the frequency of people at peep-shows is frequently infrequent, which is a relief when we consider the peep-show in San Francisco yesterday morning. After all, if the infrequency of people at the peep-show had been infrequently infrequent, then we might have found rather more of the people who didn't attend the peep-show yesterday morning were hurt. Frequently.

All in all, when we consider the statistics, it is heartening to know that of all the people who didn't attend the peep-show on Broadway that went under Broadway, none of them was hurt: because they weren't there.

And neither was I.

Now isn't that nice?

Out of all those people who didn't attend the peep-show, a very small figure of over 100 non-attendees were evacuated from the peep-show that they didn't attend.


TimT said...

Got several more posts coming up, including a run down of my time in San Francisco and THE GREAT AMERICAN JUNK FOOD EXPERIMENT! Not much time now, though, folks: gotta run.

Mark said...

Well I for one can vouch for your not being at the peep show in SF. You were laying about half-naked in my living room at the time.

Man, is that gonna make some tongues wag!!

alexis said...

If the wags don't tongue first.

nailpolishblues said...

Nothing's wagging here but I am slightly jealous, I can't remember the last time I had a half-naked man in my living room :(

TimT said...

Somebody was going to make that comment on my blog eventually, but why did it have to be Mark ...?

prude said...

I was definitley not there.

TimT put some clothes on.

But I say one less peep show the better. I declare this prude's revenge on the immoral, part of prude's great mission to eradicate immoral thoughts about sex hahahahahah

hmmm. i better go back to my own blog now. say to the police investigation again. I was definitely not there.

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