Wednesday, March 07, 2007

I think, therefore I Amish: Further Scintillating Conversation

More conversational gems, similar to the ones recorded in this post.

"You're in New York. What are you doing in New York?"

"You're an Australian? What are you doing in New York?"

"Why the hell did you come to New York?"

"Nice hat!"

"Nice hat! You look distinctive! You look fine!"

"Are you Amish?"

"Nice hat! Are you Amish?"

"You're not a Mormon, are you? With that hat you look like one."

"Are you Amish? The hat makes you look Amish."

"Are you going to wear that hat in the performance."

"This is your first time in New York? Okay, the first rule for people who have just come to New York is this: never let people know it's your first time in New York!"

"What are you doing in New York?"

"Are you Amish?"


ras said...

Hey TimT, now i'm sure i asked earlier about that hat and commented on its amish look.

Mark said...

Hey, how come nobody asked you if you were a Hassid???


Maria said...

"We recommend reading this blog in your underpants."

I want to announce that I'm wearing underpants.

ras, I like that hat.

I think you warped my mind with that hat on my blog sometime ago, but I like it anyhow.

I do

I do

I don't thikn this has anything to do with Amish but as soon as I saw ras's hat I had to comment.

TimT said...

Yup, Ras bags the first 'you look Amish' comment. And although I'm not sure how they reconcile it with their whole 'don't use modern technology' schtick, there are Amish all over New York, and especially on the subway.

And it's true. Their hats are kind of like mine.

TimT said...

Incidentally, they even have an Amish supermarket!

Caz said...

So, the hat is really working out for you.

Caz said...

Oh, oh, oh!

Now I want to hear all about the Amish supermarket. What is so special about an Amish supermarket? What does it sell? What does it not sell? Do you go into an Amish supermarket and have to make your own bread? And milk the cow? And stuff like that?

TimT said...

Good question - afraid I'm not sure. I only saw it once, maybe on 48th street or somewhere like that. Never got around to looking in it.

This comment bought to you by the lovely Primus wireless modem at my house and a hefty dose of jet lag. I'm off to fetch some lunch and try and avoid thinking about work for the next few days...

Maria said...

No work for me, TimT, all thins are Amish mash.

TimT said...

Ever see that TV show, Amish McBeth?

jenny said...

It seems that you are really having a lucky hat on your head.

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