Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Life is Change...

Just a quick post to note the silencing (hopefully not forever) of Sternezine.

Sterne was run by two very witty and eloquent guys, Tim and Jon, from out of their homes in Box Hill. By the time I found it, it had already had a wide reputation as being a cuttingly satirical Aussie blog. Here's two somewhat random sample from the Sterne archives, by Tim -

Leslie converts to Ninjaism, silences critics - forever!
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Or this one, by Jon -

OK Commuter

Later, Tim revealed a more serious literary side in his posts on Sarsaparilla. He's a writer who's occasionally prone to astounding flights of comic inspiration. When I read his posts, I'm alternately filled with jealousy (why can't I write like that?) and admiration.

There were plenty of imitators - including Jeremy and, from time to time, myself - but Sterne is the original and the best.

According to Tim,
Sterne may be revived some day by one or both of us, but don't count on it. Still, blogging is an addiction, and I'm already drawing up vague mental blueprints for my next venture. I picture something quieter, with more music, a more positive outlook.
Let's hope we see more of this new project soon. Although, given the amount of literary talent on offer at Sterne, it's probably time for Tim and Jon, respectively, to start working on their first books ...


genevieve said...

They didn't seem to realise, either, that at least one of their blogs was read by Maud Newton. Sigh.

Tim said...

Cheers, Mr T.

TimT said...

Thanks for all the laughs! And let us know as soon as you or Jon venture back in the blogosphere, you'll be roundly welcomed.

Tim said...

I'm sure it won't be long, for me anyway. I just want to get out of that Sterne-shaped space.

Jeremy said...

I greatly enjoyed Sterne... but I don't believe my blog was at any stage "imitating" it. Tim and Jon were/are in a class of their own - I wouldn't even have tried to compete.

TimT said...

Fair enough... though I sometimes think that these imitations can be done on an unconscious level.

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