Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Loving Expletives Redolent With Nostalgia

It's my last full day in the USA today! This morning as I took a step out onto 47th Street I took a lusty breath of the freezing, smog-laden air and hacked out several nostalgic coughs. I sauntered out over 3rd Avenue towards the Breakfast Deli on Lexington and cocked my ear to hear the inevitable angelic chorus of car-horns and drivers screaming at me in several languages at once. I heartily turned towards them and launched into my own version of the New York tirade, lacing my speech with several loving expletives. One of the drivers even felt moved enough to launch his car at me, but I think he sensed the quiver in my voice, as there was something almost gentle in the way I was lifted into the air and...

Minor details like narrative hyperbole and road rage aside, I shall miss the USA. It's a vast country that I still hardly feel like I know, but I've had a fun three-and-a-half weeks. I've been to San Francisco, Marin County, Boston, Philadelphia, and of course up-and-down all of New York. Currently I'm occupying myself by seeing as many Broadway shows as possible, following the example of Jellyfish. I'll try and give a run-down of those tonight, after I see the final musical on my itinerary, a gigantic affair entitled 'The Pirate Queen'. Hmmm. We'll see how that goes.

The GREAT AMERICAN JUNK FOOD EXPERIMENT post never eventuated, but let's just say I've had a fun time doing research, discovering a few weird food-stuffs in the process. (Twizzlers, anyone?)

I'll post again a bit later, but for now, as they say in this country - um - bye!


alexis said...

New Yorkers don't need expletives to explete. They can invest even the words "Excuse me" with such belligerence that all the home-grown four-letterers you can muster sound more like sweet nothings.

(Speaking of sweet nothings - and American junk food - stay away from the Fluffer Nutter.)

Bon voyage!

TimT said...

I had one of them go even better than that, and utter a sarcastic 'thankyou' as I fumbled my way with change for my taxi driver. (It was an extremely cold night.) In that circumstance, maybe I should have taken him up on his bluff and said 'Not a problem!' The truth is, though, that for the most part they've been ridiculously polite. I love the accents over here, too: Americans deny it, but they all have accents. I have no idea where they get this idea that the Australian accent is close to the Irish, however.

That one's a real head-scratcher.

alexis said...

I believe the correct NY reply to a sarcastic "Thank you" is a sarcastic "You're welcome". Them, in fact, is the exact words. Although you want to be careful with your irony in a country that proudly proclaims the right to bear arms.

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