Friday, March 30, 2007

Post Made For The Purposes Of A Pun

Alimentary, my dear Watson.


alexis said...

Upon going to the loo after the aliments have done their stuff:

Eliminatory, my dear Watson.

TimT said...

Excremental, my dear Watson!

Do you know, when Lennie Lower wanted to swear in his articles, he sometimes used this trick where he'd use extremely long, scientific-style words as a substitute? I quite like the results:



Not that we bear any malice. Simply that we occasionally run short of curses. As Edison once said to the Governor of South Carolina, 'Inspiration is one-tenth perspiration and nine-tenths exasperation'.

We shall, therefore, talk to you today, children, about sardines.

Just thought I'd Lower people's expectations, you see.

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