Monday, March 26, 2007

An Explanation of un-Australianess.

Right then.

An un-Australian is a person who is not necessarily non-Australian, but is definitely a little bit anti-Australian.

Being non-Australian is definitely un-Australian, but being un-Australian does not necessarily make you non-Australian. Indeed, with the increasing amount of un-Australians in Australia these days, it seems that it un-Australianess is fast becoming a pre-requisite for Australianess.

Furthermore, there are some pro-Australians (called pro-pro-Australians) who argue that un-Australians should all be non-Australians. But there are also a larger group of pro-Australians (Relatively-pro-Australians) who maintain that un-Australians do not have to be non-Australians, although they would prefer if they became less un-Australians.

It gets a little complicated, though, because some un-Australians are prone on occasion to act like pro-Australians, and some pro-Australians are occasionally fond of acting in an un-Australian fashion. This leads to the phenomenon of un-pro-Australians, and pro-un-Australians. And let's not even get into the subject of non-un-Australians, who are either non-Australians who are also anti-Australian, or un-Australians who have left the country, depending on who you ask.

Once a day, all the un-Australians gather in a room together, look at a big picture of John Howard they have on the wall, and weep.

Do you understand now? Good. Neither do I.

Now run along and do something good and healthy, like playing Grand Theft Auto on your X-boxes, boys and girls.


LanternLight said...

Now you're just being un-Australian with that sort of post!

nailpolishblues said...

So the ultimate definition of an un-Australian is one who looks at John Howard and weeps?

I must have missed the bit where Australia ceased to be and Johnhowardland came into being.

TimT said...

Only before it became Ruddland, as noted in the post below!

Of course disliking John Howard isn't 'un-Australian'. But I have noticed a lot of people who declare themselves to be 'unpatriotic' and even 'un-Australian' because of their intense dislike of Howard.

It's a generalisation, yes: I make it because I like making silly jokes.

nailpolishblues said...

You must lend me your crystal ball sometime, I'm not confident that it will become Ruddland.

TimT said...

Give him time; Howard's so old now it's almost turned into a waiting game. If Ruddland turns out to be any better than Howardville I'll be greatly surprised, but you never know.

ras said...

I am proudly un Australian.... I'm as un australian as they come

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