Saturday, July 14, 2007

Abhorrent upgraded to Appalling

North Melbourne Station, Tuesday afternoon:

"They took all the seats out today!"
"They actually took all the seats off this platform today! The Government actually went out of their way to make this station less convenient for us!"
"No! They're just upgrading. Twit."

Well, I deserved it for whingeing at that guy, who was just standing on the platform (where the seat used to be) with his nose buried in the paper. Though I couldn't help but shudder at the use of that horrible public-service euphemism, "upgrading".

On Wednesday, the seats had been pulled up out of the four other platforms.

On Thursday, the screen above the station told me the train was running twenty-five minutes late, so I didn't even bother going down onto the platform.

On Friday, nothing had changed.

Looks like the upgrading is going well, then.
Maybe I will start sneering in a patronising fashion at people who light up their cigarettes on the platform. That should upgrade the public transport experience even more.


nailpolishblues said...

Did you ever see MADtv? They had a segment called, I think, 'Lowered Expectations' I believe it was a dating parody but I'm sure we could all learn from it. Especially when considering public transport.

St John Nottlesby said...

Try taking a trip on Uncle Morris' Trainset - talk about Lowered Expectations! Ha!

Kirsty said...

Just what kind of commuter is that fellow? Everybody knows it's a law of commuting to point out its inefficiencies and inconveniences and when another traveller expresses such sentiments it is a rule to be unequivocally supportive.

TimT said...

I thought vaguely that he was a public servant, probably in the department of transport, if only because of his knowing use of the buzzword 'upgrading'?

Then again, I'd imagine all public transport officials drive...

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