Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Help! The samples are attacking!

Instructions to people who send samples to the Fire Ant Control Centre:


This reminds me of the time when I was a specialist at the Octapoid Taxidermal Centre of Iceland. Imagine the trouble we had when a customer mistakenly put a fully grown live Tuberculate Pelagic Octopus in an envelope and sent it in to us!

Thankfully, there is a happy end to this story: everyone survived without losing too many limbs, and the octopus is now giving rides to small children at the famous Marine Zoo of outer Woop Woop.


Tim said...

That octopus is pretty cool. Comes with a gas bladder and everything.

BTW, I entered your craption contest, about a week late.

nailpolishblues said...

Anything 'fire' would be welcome at the moment.

Caz said...

When is Gerbal Worming supposed to arrive, exactly? Can we do something to help move it along?

TimT said...

If only people could include live ants in the comments box. That would make for merriment.

Another hazard those people sending live ants might encounter is the problem of misdirected post. Imagine the merriment at the Insectophobia Society when they receive an unexpected mail simply titled 'Sample for your inspection'...

Tim: yes, I noticed that. Good, very good - or should I say, dull, awfully dull?

That's the problem in asking for deliberately boring comments. Both compliments and criticisms sound backhanded...

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