Monday, July 02, 2007

A comment on comments

I like all your comments.

I like long, rambling conversations with whoever wants to talk.

I'm not deleting anybody or turning them away. Unless they're spam.

The end.


nick cetacean said...

Thanks for that. I really feel like I've been heard and my feelings validated.

BTW, do you ever feel that your penis might be too small? Because I have a product that might help you with that.

Also: have you ever wanted to marry a Russian woman? Just asking.

TimT said...

Well yes, and have I ever told you about the wonderful opportunities the Church of Scientology has to offer you?

alexis said...

I've only just caught up with this weekend's WTfF palaver. The impression I get is that noone feels unwelcomed by yon bloghost - that you are affability and controversy-dodgingness incarnate - but that some members of the commentariat are temperamentally incompatible. No incompatibility that couldn't be fixed by ten days on a CBN-sponsored pirate ship with nothing to eat but shredded wheatmeal biscuits, though.

alexis said...

Not that I'm wishing shredded wheatmeal on anyone. Not in such parlous times as these.

alexis said...

Which is to say - in my inimitably roundabout fashion - gad dang it - when Comrade Tim here's so jolly welcoming - even of persons like m'self who disagree with him on most articles of public policy - it's a bit of a shame that the rest of us can't put aside our differences enough to coexist. Especially when everyone's so nifty with their wits.

TimT said...

Hear hear. I agree completely.

vague said...


Thought I would leave a completely content-free comment just to say hi, as I have sadly fallen off the commenting train lately, or, I guess, have fallen off commenting on Train lately, or something like that.

Caz said...


TimT said...

Well, it's a Vague but completely unambiguous hello. Hello, Vague!

Caz - does that mean I should call you Spamela?

Caz said...

I was attempting to be singular in my expression.

While also offering food, a common peace offering in our culture.

TimT said...

Ah, spam. All it needs is a light icing with fallen masonry to give it that final authentic touch. Delicious!

Don Quixote said...

I've never understood the notion of comment moderation. If you are having face to face discourse with someone you can't simply say 'I'm erasing your last comment because it is off-topic or offensive'. I guess you could always walk away, but that would be the net equivalent of deleting your own blog.

Spiced Ham, eh? What an abomination.

lucy tartan said...

There was nothing in that exchange anyone would expect you to delete, anyway.

Shall I send RH over? (I kid, I kid.)

phishez_rule said...

Now that you mention it...

Comments ARE awesome.

TimT said...

True, Lucy T. This post was rather hastily concocted at work and the bit about the 'deleting comments' was sort of a follow on to my rather dark mutterings about comments policies. There was actually one comment I deleted in that thread, and that was my own - out of frustration at my inability to get a simple link right!

Yes, Phisez-Rule. Yes, they do!

Ah, Don, but I'm sure in the cellar of a bombed out house in the middle of the Blitz it becomes uniquely flavoursome.

Anonymous said...

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