Sunday, July 08, 2007

Cereal Commenter

I had rice bubbles this morning, and porridge two days before that.

What's your favourite cereal? Serious cereal comments are welcome, as well as surreal serial comments.


TimT said...

No, I still can't blog from home, but I'm quite happy to ramble in a pointless fashion from an internet cafe.

I gave Special K a go last week, and quite like it despite totally not fitting the demographic (keeps you looking good! yeah, as if I give a crap). But it sort of wears out its welcome by the end of the packet.

nailpolishblues said...

I can't stand cereal.

How addicted are you to blog from a cafe?

TimT said...

I can't send emails either, so visits to cafe are something necessary.

I blog much better from home.

Not even porridge?

nailpolishblues said...

Too important to wait for work? Goodness.

Especially not porridge.

alexis said...

Ha ha! Very a-muesling!

phishez_rule said...

I'm not really a brekky person. Though I don't mind eating sausage first thing in the morning.

nailpolishblues said...

You make me feel like an underachiever, Phish. The most I can manage is tea.

TimT said...

With sauce? That's certainly a saucy comment.

Caz said...

*Checks behind curtains, under the scatter cushions. Coast all clear? We've finally moved on from the alphabet soup with the missing Q's?*


*'Bout time.*

Oh, bugger, now it's cereal.

Ann O'Dyne said...

Libraries have internet and it is free, unlike cafes.
I fled to the Montrose Library after power and phone were out for three days on Mt.Dandenong last week
(you didn't hear about the bad storms there, because the Gippsland floods were worse).

Favourite cereal is ya classic VitaBrits,
favourite breakfast is porridge with sultanas in it.

Caz said...

Porridge, with both milk and thick cream, but never for breakfast; more a dinner food, on a very cold night.

Korn Flakes, Coco Pops, and to a lesser extent, Rice Bubbles. Likewise, never eaten for breakfast.

I'm a strictly no-rabbit-foods-in-the-cereal type of person.

TimT said...

I've never done the sultanas in the porridge thing. My dad uses golden syrup, mum uses brown sugar, and those are my options. Occasionally I'll have either sultanas/grapes, sliced banana, stewed apple or apricot, or sliced strawberry on cornflakes or rice bubbles, but I'll never mix them up - it's a flavouring, not a fruit salad!

nailpolishblues said...

I've never understood mutilated fruit on cereal. Actually, I've never understood mutilated fruit at all - why? WHY?

Caz said...

Hmmmm, pancakes, with syrup and ice cream.


Mike said...


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laughykate said...

I find cereal scary. If you rip up your cardbord cereal packet into a bowl and add milk I swear to god that there is very little difference in texture and taste to the real thing.

....But then maybe it was all those dry cereal eating competitions I used to have as a kid with my brother....

TimT said...

Now, that all depends Mike. Do I get any free pancakes out of it?

Sadly true, LaughyKate. :(

nailpolishblues said...

There's a person behind this blog? How did I fail to notice? Did anyone else miss it?

TimT said...

I'm not actually a person, I'm an anonymous internet entity selling robotic fish for anyone interested in amassing an aquatic army.

Killer haddocks, anyone?

Caz said...

Did I mention that pancakes, syrup and ice cream aren't cereal?

Caz said...

I don't think you can top the guy covering the potentially death penalty murder trial in a little town in which half the town believe the guy is innocent Tim. Nice as your blog is an all, it's not a soap opera, there have never been any killin's done here, and there's only rarely the potential of anyone dying at the end, in a State sanctioned process.

On the other hand, you could beat the other blog interviewees to death, moving in slow motion, with a tooth pick.

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Another writes about:

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Blogging liberates one from self-obsession.

Another blogger, you'll be startled to know, writes:

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nailpolishblues said...

Can we turn it into a soap opera? Would that help?

nailpolishblues said...

Oh and I am after a robot but it has be of the useful slave variety. Haddock won't cut it, they're lazy and probably need watering - things that need watering don't do that well around here.

nick cetacean said...

"I'm not actually a person, I'm an anonymous internet entity selling robotic fish for anyone interested in amassing an aquatic army."

If it turned our that "TimT" really was a piece of Korean software left running 24 hrs a day I for one would not be surprised.

TimT said...

Well, we've already had a tea opera, so a soap opera doesn't seem so very far out of line.

nailpolishblues said...

Your explanation makes an awful lot of sense to me, Nick.

Yes, yes you did, Tim, and it was tragically qwerty...

Caz said...

North or South Korean?

Either way, it's still in beta.

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