Saturday, July 14, 2007

Quick! Eight random things about myself...

Oh, all right then, if you insist...

1. I like frogs.

2. I enjoy tying ties, but not being seen in them.

3. I know what 'Jovial' means, but I'm not so sure about 'Saturnine' or 'Mercurial'.

4. Put me in front of an audience and I turn into a stuttering fool, unless I have a script - in which case, all sense of shame leaves me and I will do almost anything. If it's in the script.

5. I have only ever been overseas once, and that was at the start of this year.

6. At school once I got invited by a kid in my older brother's class to take part in some Dungeons and Dragons gaming when he found out that I was reading some JRR Tolkien. I waited until he went into the library and then ran like hell down the stairs and to freedom. Those gamers are freaks, man.

7. I have only ever voted for John Howard once. (I voted for Mark Latham because he amused me.)

8. I prefer winter to summer.

I tag everyone!


Caz said...

You rolled out the unsuspecting Aunt's, then the battered infrastructure that we in Melbourne call "public transport" - both were a bust (didn't come close to competing with old Jane Austen) - and now you're taking "managing expectations" to new lows.

You tag everyone.

Oh, Timothy, out there in the ether, the desperation of the blogger reverberates to the edges of the universe. Amen.

nailpolishblues said...

And to think, I was just going to make fun of frogs.

TimT said...

What's wrong with frogs?

Mitzi G Burger said...

Saturnine would make you like one planet and Mercurial would make you like the other planet. Both ways, impressive but shifty.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Saturnine: of a sluggish gloomy temperament; (of looks &c) dark and brooding. (arch) of the metal lead; (med) of or affected by lead poisoning.

Mercurial: (of a person) sprightly; ready-witted. changable, volatile. of or containing mercury. of the planet Mercury. a drug containing mercury.

So there!

TimT said...

I'm not sure whether I'm Saturnine in a Mercurial way, or vice versa. Thank you both for your definitions.

nailpolishblues said...

Oh, there's nothing wrong with frogs. Except when you accidentally stand on them, of course.

Caz said...

.... which happens with remarkable frequency.

nailpolishblues said...

I used to do it fairly often. Well, until I started checking the stairs before I walked down them. I've also heard their death screams (not nice) as they get shut in doors and windows - not purposely! And seen their mangled little bodies afterwards.
Ah, wildlife in the tropics!

Steve said...

Tagging everyone is against the rules surely. (Anyway, don't pick me; I've put enough personal disclosure in my blog in the last years to ensure a low readership.)

Speaking of which, Tim did you see my post about Jack Black recently? I thought it would appeal to you, as the title "Mole destroyer by Appointment to Her Majesty Queen Victoria" would seem to me to be a good opening for one of your literary efforts.

Caz said...

1. I like puppies.

2. I enjoy doing plaits, but not being seen in them.

3. I'm mercurial, never jovial.

4. Can't act, can't dance.

5. I have never been overseas.

6. At school the *authorities* always thought I was impertinent, arrogant and factitious. I hated all of my school years.

7. I have never voted for Howard, and didn't vote for Latham - I gave my first preference to some obscure independent, because I couldn't bring myself to vote Dems or Greens either.

8. I'm a wuss in the cold, I hate winter.

Anonymous said...

1. I like cats.

2. I am mostly mercurial, occasionally saturnine, sometimes jovial.

3. I'm not actually Jewish.

4. I know what Wagner's real first name is.

5. In a showdown between Howard and Latham I'd vote Commie. My voting tendencies are best described as "mercurial".

6. I once dated a Polish girl (and now hold the Poles in a somewhat strange regard - a mixture of awe, fear, and mild disdain).

7. I wish to be buried, not cremated.

8. I much prefer winter to summer, and like Alpine climes (and climbs).

TimT said...

Nails - So, when frogs Croak, they really ... croak?

Steve - I did indeed. I shall keep it in mind, as it is a good idea for a literary effort.

Caz - yes, political independents often seem the most sensible option.

Nottlesby - so it wasn't Richard?

Anonymous said...

Nein, it was in fact Wilhelm. Richard is his middle name.

So there ya go.

nailpolishblues said...

Kind of a screech. Quite loud though.

Mitzi G Burger said...

Hosty*, in the spirit of the recent sloo (sp?) of 8-pointers, and by way of introduction, I'll do likewise - (first, thanks for the chuckleatious reading experience, it has made my winter holiday warmer with chi-circulating laughter.)

1. I like cats and have two: Dolly Wong and Ella.

2. Being jovial is part of my job description (teacher of English) which is lucky b'c I am jovial and the job has not turned me saturnine (yet.)

3. I'm actually Jewish.

4. I really like Wagner's music.

5. I'll be voting left of Howard and right of the kibbutzniks.

6. I listen to alternative country music and have the new Ryan Adams album on high rotation.

7. I love winter because it justifies the daily wearing of boots.

8. I love summer because it justifies the dangerously thrilling sport of ocean swimming.

8.5 I'm part of the Finnegans Wake Reading Group that lost Dr Lexicon Harlot to the southern migration.

*Character from Finnegans Wake.

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