Sunday, July 01, 2007

Conflict of Interest

"Oh my God, JW!" yelped the young advertising executive, waving a copy of the paper in his right hand. "There's actually an interesting article in The Australian Financial Review!"
JW, who happened to be editor of The Australian Financial Review, stared at the young advertising executive without a name and reached for the paper. He glared balefully at the front page for a few seconds before his hand snaked out and pressed the buzzer.
"Ms Genderstereotype!" he snapped. "Send in that young whippersnapper who did the front page feature today. Now!"
He punched one hand into the other aggressively.
"We'll give that little whippersnapper what for, for making a mockery of our No Interest policy..." he said slowly and carefully...


nick cetacean said...

Holy-fricamoly! You post like I eat hot dinners! A lot!

Of course I'm keeping my powdered hot dinners dry for the establishment of NewBlog (tm)...

P. Drāno said...

What about this thing whereby you talk about eight random things about yourself? In addition to the other stuff, I mean.

Ben.H said...

The Financial Review provides an indispensible service: it gets you out of jury duty. Turn up with the morning's copy under your arm and you will never survive the defense's peremptory challenges, allowing you to be sent home.

This worked for me, although it may have been because I got called in summer when all the judges were on holiday and no cases were being held. In a moment of extreme boredom I tried reading it, to no avail.

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