Monday, July 05, 2004

Blog Matters

In my epic ongoing quest (which has so far lasted for one whole day) to find work via the Blogosphere, it's the small favours which really count. Simon of Mu Nu has just showcased me in his new blog titled - er, the Showcase blog. He can consider himself linked!
Two blogs I've just discovered: Paul Kidd, until recently a Newcastle resident. He runs a hugely entertaining website at Please consider. (When I first found the website, I clicked on the random entry generator, and pretty soon I found myself reading a post about genital piercing. With pictures.)
Gempires is a new blogger who has had the good sense to be 26 years old and a Virgo. Kudos to you, Miss Gempires - the early spring of 1977 was a great time to be born. Oh, and she also has a weirdly wonderful new blog which you can find here.


Gemnastics said...

Thankyou, wonderful man! Certainly shall link you up. As long as you promise to read Gempires every day...

TimT said...

Wonderful man! Wow. I think I'll have that comment framed.
Gempires is one of my must reads, one of the quirkier things out there at the moment.

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