Thursday, July 15, 2004

Interview Inconclusive

Well, they say that truth is stranger than fiction, and the interview that I went to last night was stranger than both.
Firstly, it was one of those group-interview thingies, you know, employer asks along a whole bunch of people and sits them down in a board-room while they glower competitively at one another. Nothing very distinctive about any of them - apart from the fact that they were middle-aged and women and I'm not either.
Secondly, this was an interview where the employer didn't ask any questions. He made us ask a couple of questions - and got us to write down a few things about ourselves on a sheet of paper - but the usual 'tell me about yourself why do you think you are the best man for the job what sort of experience do you have' type of questions were not in evidence.
And apparently he plans two more interviews before some sucker actually gets the job. He'll contact me at a time of his choosing.

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