Thursday, July 15, 2004

Get a Job Hippy!

Some of the many helpful suggestions people have given me since I've undertaken this epic quest to find work via the net:

Harry Hutton, in comments:

"Do you have to stay in Newcastle? Go west, young man. I've heard in California they've got gold nuggets the size of nuggets."

Gempires, comments again:

"Good luck. And if you don't get this one, it's time to move to Sydney."

I'll bear that in mind, guys, but I'm sure there has to be a job for me here in Newcastle. That, and I'm stubborn as a mule about some things.

Duncan Riley of the Blog Herald emailed me with this:

"No offence, but try stacking shelves or manual labour... even try commuting, when I worked in Sydney City in the early 1990’s I remember people travelling from Newcastle and the Central Coast was quite the norm..."

None taken Duncan, I've just been focusing on jobs where my skills will be used, but I'll look into these suggestions.

"... try cold canvassing directly with employers, I got my last job exactly this way, in deed I was offered to jobs at the same time and neither were advertised."

And yes, I've tried this option: so far it hasn't got me anywhere, but will try anything and everything.

Chas from Chasrover offers this useful tip for winning interview technique in my comments thread:

"The trick to job interviews is to assume YOU are doing the interview. Ask the panel about themselves, including personal questions and throw a metaphysical philosophical conundrum in there as well. They will be too busy talking about themselves (and appreciative of the attention) to ask about you. They will fall in love with you as you are a great listener and hire you immediately. They may even let you run the company. Really."

Finally, another comment from Harry Hutton, this time on his website:

"Why don't you make a big flashing hat that says, "I am available for clerical and data-entry jobs."

That is what I would do."

Thanks for the suggestion Harry. Coming soon to a website (called Will Type For Food) near you: a wide range of job-seeker apparel, guaranteed to not only help you in your job search, but make you look sleek and sexy in the process!


Mike Jericho said...

The solution to your dilemma is simple.

Either become a professional assassin, or man-whore.

TimT said...

Re: man whore suggestion. I'm a link whore, will that do? But if I do become a man whore, will you be my he-pimp?
Re: professional assassin - a life of high-crime is not for me. See my post below, headed Oboy Oyibo, or something like that.

Anonymous said...

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