Thursday, July 22, 2004

How To Rite a Job Ad

 Employers! Want to know how to attract the best sort of employee with the minimum of fuss? It's all in the advertising. Job seekers are tired of reading the same old guff day in, day out.  Why not consider getting a poet to write your job ad?

 This company requires
 A person proficient
 In H - T - M - L
 They must be efficient
 At typing and phones... (etc, etc).

 Or how about prizes? Offer a free squishy to every tenth reader. Use your imagination, people!

  Readers! Check out my NEW POLL at the top right hand corner of the screen. I want you to help employers make their ads more readable and exciting. Vote in the poll, and leave your fantastically imaginative and fantabulously creative suggestions in the comments box below!
 PS - As with my other polls, you can make a vote again after ONE DAY. I want none of these fascist restrictions on multiple votes in my blog! Vote and vote and vote again! It's your chance to be heard, people!


Chas said...

Don't use the Microsoft Word Job Application Wizard.

Don't make it abundantly clear that this ad has made its way through 18 different job placement agencies.

This firm has a job
For a suitable worker
Fools need not apply.

Write an ad one letter at a time for as many Saturdays as it takes. The applicant who sticks around long enough gets the job.

TimT said...

Sit 10,000 monkeys in front of a keyboard and get them to write the ad. Not only will they do a better job than most job-ad writers, but they'll work for peanuts. Literally.

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