Tuesday, July 20, 2004

How To Employ Me

 Since there are so many do-gooder websites and magazines and organisations and articles which advise me what I have to do to get a job, I think I'll start up a section on this website telling employers what they can do in order to get an employee. Let's start off with:
 The Five Successfull Steps to Finding a Productive Office Employee
 1. Mail me and say, "You've got the job".
 2. Sit me in front of a computer and watch me type.
 3. Marvel at the ease and efficiency with which I'll adapt myself to the office environment.
 4. When the end of the week comes around, pay me for my services.
 5. When the next week starts, sit me in front of a computer and ... you get the idea.
 See, it's astoundingly easy, isn't it? 
 To all the long-time readers of this short-lived part-time blog: forward this post on to anyone and everyone! 

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Chas said...

I think you have found your niche. Self-help viral emails.

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