Sunday, July 04, 2004

Position Vacant


Dyslexisic Austarlia is an orsaginitaon givng hope to mny safferererers f Dxslyescia arund the nition. We wE We aer cmpltyoe stuffed by talntd Dsyulexics.
We crrentlyu ruqeire thu services of a Tipist in rou fficeso to epdatu ruo fls nda prforme mail outs, psto litters, ect, ect.
Essential qlutes: Fast tgpiny seepd, uccarucy, ttentiona to detil, goode communication slikks.
Cntact: 1840 4975 dring offocs heures. (iF thn unbmer s wrngo, lkoo us pu in yuro teleFone buk.)

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