Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Bark to Nature

An Ode to the White Dog In The Park

Dear White Dog In The Park,
You see the pigeons. I see you.
I know what you want to do:
To spring amongst them -
To set them furiously fluttering,
To cause chaotic curlicues and see the flustered feathers wheel in wild whorls -
Yes. I know this, White Dog.
Before the Man-Thing comes to take you home,
Before the Holy Minute of Meat,
There comes this moment:
You must do this, White Dog. Yes.
Leap amongst the pigeons -
Seize the moment! Do it now!
Chase the pigeons, White Dog!
Chase them, White Dog! Chase them!


TimT said...

This thing came to me when I was sitting in the train and saw a big white labrador sitting in the park opposite a whole bunch of pigeons. I went for the rhapsodic free verse feel deliberately, but looking over it now, it's surprising how much of it could fit in with a standard poetic meter. Hmmmph, looks like I'll never be a Whitman.

PS I was originally going to write 'Before the Holy Hour of Meat' (instead of 'Holy Minute of Meat'), but FFS! Have you ever seen a dog eat????

Rubydot said...

I really like it. Epiphaniac ecstasy meets domestic animal cutesiness.

Mark said...

Even minute of meat would be an exaggeration for the KOTGD Beagles.

TimT said...

Yes, 'Millisecond of Meat' would probably be more appropriate.

Thanks rubydot. Good to see you're blogging again!

rascuache said...

I'm imagining you sitting in a poetry reading in a winebar with a black beret and a glass of claret...yelping and gesticulating whilst sitting on a stool in a lone beam of light.

TimT said...

God, no, not the beret!

I do yelp and jump around though. Just ask Rachel - or Gem.

Rubydot said...

Trilbys are the new berets, I hear... Also a handlebar moustache would be appropriate I think :)

TimT said...

I actually had to do a google-image search for Trilby. Do I have to wear anything apart from the hat? I don't think a handle-bar moustach would go well with this Trilby wearer.

rascuache said...

I bought a black straw trilby about a month ago.

Like the fedora they make _everything_ look cool

even me,

I like the trilby in summer, it has a wider brim than the fedora so keeps more sun off my face.

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