Saturday, January 28, 2006

Typing For Food

Not that I don't like my job. All I do is listen to radio all day and type and when it gets quiet, I'm able to nip down to the video archives downstairs and get a copy of a Doctor Who repeat. But eleven hours straight at the job is excessive. Argh. I think my back wants to kill someone.

Anyway, from practical experience, here are a few insights I'd like to offer:

- Some people should really learn English as a second language, because they're crap at English as a first language.

- For an android, Kevin Rudd does a surprisingly good imitation at humour. It's only when you do several Rudd press conferences that you realise he says the same thing, over and over. He doesn't quite seem to get that this whole 'communication' thing involves saying different things occasionally.

- When a politician issues a media alert, be alarmed. Be very alarmed.

- A moratorium should be imposed on the following words and phrases:

Sort of
You know
Now can I just say this (Kevin Rudd, I'm looking in your direction)

- Also, there should be a strict rationing on words and phrases including, but not limited to, the following:

Most of
In all likelihood

If we had only one of those per sentence, we might be able to avoid tortuous sentences which wrench several of these phrases into close proximity in a desperate attempt to avoid saying anything.

- Billy the Mime would make a better radio presenter than Neil Mitchell.

That's all. For the moment.


Mark said...

I always thoyught "Doctor Wo" should have been called "Doctor Why".


TimT said...

Once I wrote a skit - partially a send-up of Doctor Who - with a character in it called Dr Why. And let's never forget the contribution of the immortal Dr Watt to the study of electrical physics!

Aunty Marianne said...

It should be called, "Waiting for the David Tennant bits to show up".

It's all been bloody great since CGI got the Daleks down stairs. And the script is much, much naughtier these days. 45 seconds, and all that. And it's still got that hide-behind-sofa quality without which it is nothing. I'm a fan all over again.

One question though - has Dr Who now reached the end of his possible regenerations?

rascuache said...

so exactly what do you do?

TimT said...

Transcripts of people talking, whether it be on radio, TV, press conference, or anything else that comes my way. Oh, it's all fun, fun, fun, I tell you.

Aunty Marianne, on the Daleks/Stairs controversy, I still maintain that this is an inevitable flaw in their design, despite the insistence of others.

Caz said...

No, they long ago ensured that Dr Who can regenerate whenever needed, no matter how often, all he has to do is get a new body - as demonstrated at the end of the last series.

There is no limit on the regenerations.

TimT - why the hell did they have you working 11 hrs straight? Also, what is your typing speed, that is, I pressume they have a minimum speed when they recruit folk such as you?


TimT said...

There was a mix up over hours - a communication mix up between me and my boss. Somebody had to stay there until nine o'clock at night, and I was the only person available.

Last time I checked, my typing was 80wpm.

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