Saturday, January 21, 2006

The International Day of Not Very Much

Today is the International day of Not Very Much! You celebrate it by leaning, loitering, lying, lazing, lolling about, lollygagging, and by putting off for the day after what you had been meaning to do tomorrow.

I'll be back in a little while to give more details about it, if I could be bothered.

UPDATE! - The International Day of Not Very Much started twenty years ago (or some such period of time), when Mr Blewis got out of bed and decided that they'd rather go back to bed instead.
He spent the next ten hours of the day (which he should have been using to paint the house, clean his garage, mow the lawn, walk the dog, call his mother, or rearrange his bookshelf) by avoiding any exercise whatsoever. This was a bit difficult at first, as it took a bit of effort; the trick, he found, was not to think about it too much.

Some things you might like to do on the International Day of Not Very Much:

- Watch television in a relaxed fashion!

- Idly leaf through a book of short stories without really bothering to read it! (That's just a little too much exercise for your eyes)

- Scrutinise a rose on a rose-bush to see if you can catch it growing!

- Contemplate the various types of apathy that it is possible for a person to experience, and count how many of them you have experienced!

- Have a long and leisurely bath (but only if it's not too much trouble running it*)

- Do Nothing in Particular for lengthy periods of time, and then continue to do it!

Over time, thanks to the determined apathy of its thousands of international celebrants, the 'International Day of Not Very Much' can extend into an 'International Week of Not Very Much'.** For God's sake, don't worry about it. Once you start worrying, you might end up doing things again. And nobody wants that.

*I suggest getting a slave to run it for you.

** Sometimes, it can even turn into an 'International Year of Not Very Much' - an ideal arrangement, since by the time the year ends, the next 'International Day of Not Very Much' comes around, and can be turned into an 'International Year of Not Very Much', through very little effort.


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Now there's a cryptic comment ...

R2K said...

Hi from NYC! :)


TimT said...

Hi Noo Yawk person! Mind shipping a bit of snow and ice our way? We could really do with it right now. It's h-o-o-o-o-o-t!

rascuache said...

My life is of not very much

TimT said...

Not Very Much is fun, but you don't want Too Much Not Very Much.

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