Sunday, January 01, 2006

Inspirational Verse

This is a poem for Harry. It's called An Ode in 27 stanzas to the fiscal structure of post-1950s Western Society With Reference to the Works of J. K. Gailbraith, an unassuming little title for an unassuming little poem. Here's an excerpt ...

Oh Post 1950s economy,
Why is it that you fill me with such bonhomie?
Yes, you truly are my mon ami,
Oh Post 1950s economy.

I haven't written much, but I'm rather proud of it so far. It's quite good, isn't it?


nailpolishblues said...

It's fabulous.

TimT said...

Thankyou, you're too kind. Credit for the bonhomie-economy rhyme must go to Jim Leitzel, in the comments to that post I linked.

Aunty Marianne said...

Surely later stanzas will have to include the merits of the pre-privatisation post office, the Joy of Railways, and the epic project that was the construction of Milton Keynes.

Tony said...

Oh Post 1950s economy,
You feed our vice and create urban ennui,
The great depression, and even Fonzie,
Oh Post 1950s economy.

TimT said...

Thanks for the suggestions everybody.

At the moment, I'm trying to work in a rhyme with Trotsky. 'Trotsky/Not Ski' or 'Trotsky/Lotsky'. What do you think?

Marco McClean said...

Oh post-1950s economy
You metaphorical big-shouldered-city wannabe
I wonder if you're making fun o' me
Oh post-1950s economy

le_poulet_noir said...

Oh, post-1950s economy
The homo erectus in my taxonomy
For this verse the Queen must honour me
Oh, post-1950s economy

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