Sunday, January 01, 2006

What's That Sound?

That sound is the old year softly slipping away and being replaced by the new. Actually, it's a bit hard to hear, because a lot of people are also blowing off fireworks at the same time. Then again, I live near Sydney Road, so that could just be the usual drive-by shooting. It's good to be back in Melbourne.

Happy New Year everybody. Why is it a New Year now, anyway? And at what point does it become an Old Year? It can't stay the New Year for long - I think you'd agree that, by the time 11 months are up, it's pretty old.

Just who is it that decides upon these conventional definitions of New Years and Old Years? I'd like to give them a good talking too.

UPDATE! 'Talking too'? I'd like to give myself a good talking to too!


TimT said...

Look who's talking, two.

In the absence of actual comments, and all that ...

rachy said...

The comment about Sydney Road totally cracked me up. I used to live around the corner from your place and remember hearing the occasional fight etc. One of my neighbours was even a famous gangster's mother! However, after I left Brunswick and returned to Australia from Europe I decided upon living in St Kilda and ended up getting a bedsit on Grey Street, now that's where the action really is...

TimT said...

One of my neighbours was even a famous gangster's mother!

Ah yes, it's good to live in this vibrant multicultural city, isn't it?

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