Sunday, January 22, 2006

Remake of the Year

Just been to see The Producers. You haven't seen The Producers? See it. Here are some of the reasons why:

"I smell the stench of someone developing a sense of self esteem!"

"I'm not sure that that's necess ..."
"Yes, it is necess! Absolutely necess!"

"There's more to you than there is to you!"
"Mr Bialystock! You've made a terrible mistake! I have no spine!"

"Or you will meet your dess!"
"Dess? I don't know what dess is. Is it anything like death?"

"I haffn't been so happy since zey conquered Poland!"

"We made the wrong musical, with the wrong actors, and the wrong director. Where did everything go so right?"

It's hilarious. And if that doesn't convince you, go read this bad review of same film:

I know no-one should ever really expect anything particularly classy from the mind of Mel Brooks; his is a style reserved for bad taste comedy, Saturday afternoon schlock and incredibly un-PC spoofs. But this version of The Producers takes on a new level. Its crassness comes from a different time, and sorely deserved an upgrade. It does have its moments, and Nathan Lane is absolutely brilliant as the pathetic Bialystock, but overall this was a badly made movie of a poorly adapted musical of an OK movie.

Now, with that, er, recommendation, how could you not go?


rascuache said...

Nice review, you do it more justice than megan spencer or david stratton

TimT said...

I laughed. I cried - (well, no, I didn't cry). I laughed again! It's great. What did Spencer say? Any person who wears glasses like she does MUST be smart.

Tony.T said...

I find it hard to imagine I would enjoy a remake of a movie that's in my top ten. Just how are they going to improve it? Or match it? Or even come close?

I'll wait until it shows up on telly.

TimT said...


What I enjoyed most were the script, the songs, and the acting, in that order. So in that respect, it's a little like a favourite play - it can be remade over and over again, without doing too much damage to the original production.

That's my take, anyway. What's the original like?

Tony.T said...

The original is a film you simply just need to see. Zero Mostel, Gene Wilder, Dick Shawn, Kenneth Mars and Christopher Hewett (Yes, TV's Mr Belvedere) are all brilliant.

It's Zero's film, though. Watch him strip off his cardboard belt or wash his office window with coffee - stunning.

See it and you're life will be marginally better than it otherwise would have been.

TimT said...

See it and you're life will be marginally better than it otherwise would have been.

Now, I simply have to see it.

Almost all performances in the remake are stand-out, too; especially Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick (fresh from the Broadway production); Will Ferrell (the neo-nazi script writer); and Jon Lovitz (who, while possessing all the attributes of a normal human being, manages to achieve remarkable resemblance to a caricature). The only really bad performance is by Uma Thurman as Ulla.

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