Saturday, January 07, 2006

Light Relief

I just thought after my putting on the crankypants in the previous post, readers might appreciate a little light relief.

Isn't life beautiful?


Rachel said...

HI Tim,

Enjoy your blog immensely. Specially the borscht and edward posts! I'm so used to reading earnest, angsty, weighty stuff (a lot of it my own...) that it's really nice to read something wittily written about daily life and something simply allegorical. You should submit something to lip - something non-fiction. We'd love to have you.

TimT said...

Well, gosh, when you say nice things like that ... flattery will get you everywhere!

Aunty Marianne said...

I keep hoping the Monty Python foot will come down and squash the birdie.

Alas no.

BourbonBird said...

Is this porn disguised as art?

You disgust me, Tim.

BourbonBird said...

PS. That over there, my dear, is the monorail face. >>>

TimT said...

You people are so cynical. Don't tell me that you're not absolutely fascinated by the territorial songs of the Lesser Breasted Stamen Sucker (gen.) Titsiana Boobelinus.

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