Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Tim's Of The Blog World

Here is a list of some Tim's of the blog world. I'll be adding to it as more turn up.

Tim Blair
Right wing
Nicknames: tim, Tim B, little tim, Right Wing Death Beast, slime

Tim Dunlop
Politically: Left wing
Nicknames: Tim

Tim Lambert
Politically: Left wing
Nicknames: Tim, Lambert, Timmy.

Tim W.
Politically: Leftish
Nicknames: Tim

Tim Sterne
Politically: Leftish
Nicknames: Tim

Tim Train
Politically: DEAD CENTRE. No, really!
Nicknames: Idiot, Timmy*, Who the fuck is that guy?

See also: Tim G, commentor on Road to Surfdom
Uncreative Tim, commentor on After Grog Blog
Tim S, commentor on Anonymous Lefty

Look on the bright side: when we're all called Tim, it will be that much easier to remember one another's name.

*Pronounced South Park style.


BourbonBird said...

Tim Lambert is alright for a lefty - he spat directly into my open-mouth during the last Sydney Grogblog, though... does that make me an honourary Tim?

TimT said...

I met Tim at a Sydney grogblogging, we got to chatting about (of all things) Newcastle chess club. When the grogblogging finished, we headed down to that DeliFrance on George Street and had a couple of late night coffees. I headed back to Newcastle about an hour or so after that; I think I got back at about 4.30pm!

Maybe with his spit he was trying to infuse you with his fundamental TIMness, converting you to the ways of the Tim.

nailpolishblues said...

There's a centre? could you tell the right and the left, I'm not sure they know.

Flashman said...

I'm a Tim too, just hiding behind a flashy pseudonym.

Tony.T said...

Uncreative Tim comments at my blog.

Tony.T said...

You googled. I know you did. Don't deny it.

Here, try this.

TimT said...

Alright, I plead guilty to the googling!

Uncreative Tim and the Flashman will be added to the list ...

Tim said...

There is a Tim S who sometimes comments at Anonymous Lefty's blog, but I don't think he has a blog. There really are a lot of us, aren't there?

TimT said...

There really are a lot of us, aren't there?


Flashman, do you mind if I ask, what's your last name? Then I can assign you a place in the list ...

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