Sunday, April 29, 2007

No Ilk Bar In Sight

I had the good fortune today to walk down what you might call Little Saigon - it's the end of Victoria Street in Richmond that's packed full of Vietnamese restaurants, tobacco stores, and the like.

My intentions were wholly frivolous: I wanted to get a photograph of a store somewhere on Victoria Street with the sign ILK BAR, because I thought that was funny. (I am a guy of very little brain.) I didn't ever find the ILK BAR, but I did get some good photos anyway...

(On Flinders Street before I caught the tram. It's Melbourne's Oldest Hotel no longer...)

Chinois, anyone?

The store containing more than one Simon.

Buy what used to be the seat of power here!

Ironworks furniture, the only place to go to get an Iron Lounge - very comfy!

Come in and buy a sundried florist. Cheap and affordable!

Retrospective Furniture: all its legs break the day after the guarantee expires, making you say, 'Hmm. In retrospect, I should not have bought this furniture.'


TimT said...

Ironworks furniture, the only place to go to get an Iron Lounge - very comfy!

Not to mention an iron shower curtain for all the communists out there.

mindlessmunkey said...

I believe Ilk Bar is actually on Johnston St in the Abbotsford/Collingwood area... i.e. the next major street North of Victoria St, where you were hunting.

TimT said...

Ah, that would explain it. I was catching a bus back from Bulleen and it weaved through a number of streets on its way to Melbourne Central. I did but see it passing by (etc, etc)!

Anonymous said...

Were there any Iron Ladies working at the aforesaid Shoppe?

(all the good curtain jokes were taken)

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