Monday, April 02, 2007

Switched On To Switching Off

Dramatic Scenes from Sydney's Earth Hour: Documentary Photographs from a City on the BLINK!

NEWTOWN: Neville Blodgykin enthusiastically participates in Earth Hour by switching all his lights off, and celebrates by walking into a door!

MARRICKVILLE: Greens Voter Barrimore Stanlington gets turned on by all this turning off and mistakenly makes love to his cupboard instead of his partner!

MACQUARIE STREET: Labor turn their famous Light On The Hill off for an hour and debate energy policy!

DEE WHY: Peter Debnam accidentally has a thought!

WAHROONGA: Children participating in Earth Hour run rampage, and develop a complex tribal society, based on seasonal sacrifices to propitiate their God - when a game of 'Odd Man Out' goes awry...

All over town, people reconnect with simpler, happier times by experiencing the darkness for one hour...

Yes: Sydney is a city that is switched on to switching off!


nailpolishblues said...

I must admit, [bless me for I have sinned] that I accidentally participated in this by virtue of being at work and being driven home whilst this 'event' was on/off. I did consider leaving one of my energy saving lights on [How fucking awesome are they? You NEVER have to change them!], but figured that it was both wasteful and detrimental to my electricity bill - also, a bit too far in the wrong direction.
Would have been cool, though, to see Sydney un[der]lit. Pity it didn't happen.

TimT said...

The whole event befuddled me - they were advertising it in Melbourne, too. People travel halfway around the world to see 'the lights' of a city - not the reverse!

Those energy-saving light thingies, aren't they being made compulsory?

TimT said...

The frogs planned one of these things in the middle of the European winter! The advertisement for it is a little scary...

tdix said...

Loved that timt!

I live in Marrickville and was in Newtown during Earth Hour. I wasn't going to join in, but like nailpolish blues i did so accidentally.

I was at a film festival at 7.30 and - hey - they turned the lights off.

nailpolishblues said...

I can't imagine travelling anywhere to see lights. Well, aurora borealis maybe, but not concrete and steel all lit up.

I'm not sure what it was meant to achieve either - but I think it has something to do with the creepy power [the other kind of power] thing those Sunrise people have going on. From what I can understand they are our alien overlords and we must do everything they say... Or possibly the Sydney equivalent of that newsreader thing from Futurama. Maybe not.


I think with the compulsory thing it's more a concentrated effort to phase out the old kind. I shall miss the traditional light bulb. I've had many horrible moments with them.

I had a very Beatrix Potter...or was it Pixie O'Harris...must have been the latter, they were enormous green tree frogs...moment when you mentioned frogs.
I have inhaled waaaaaay too many cleaning chemicals today.

TimT said...

Hey, when you said 'Sunrise' people I at first thought they were a cult like the Moonies, and it took me about 10 minutes to get it worked out right! But then I suppose they kind of sort of are a cult (and David Koch/Koresh is their leader...)

nailpolishblues said...

I continue to think they're a cult.

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