Friday, September 29, 2006

A Brief Post About Figures of Speech

1. People can be 'sane' or 'insane', but where are they in when they're 'insane', and is it possible to be 'outsane'?

2. "It's possible to be overwhelmed and underwhelmed, but can you ever be, just, like 'whelmed'?" - Ten Things I Hate About You

3. You know how some bloggers end their posts 'That is all?' Well, I'm waiting for them to do a post like this:

'You know how some bloggers use the phrase 'That is all'? The phrase 'That is all' really shits me. And that is all I'm ever going to say about the phrase 'That is all'.

That is all.

4. In concluding this brief post about figures of speech, I offer you the Speech of a Figure:

- "Numbers, members of the arithmetical series, and fellow figures, thank you all for joining me today. I trust you are all discrete and integral, and that you're enjoying the night so far. And now, I'd like to turn the floor over to a good square number - he's got a wonderful speech for you I understand - he's the number 4! Thank you!"


Kathy said...

Yes.. figures of speech can be quite quirky.... If one is "under the weather"... Can one be over it when they are well again..

eg .."Feeling better Myrtle"
" Heaps better now I am "over the weather" Must have been something I

Hey Timmy Give me 5!!!

TimT said...

One thing I'd like to get settled right here and now: Where, exactly, *is* the wrong side of bed, and how can I avoid getting out of it?

Don Quixote said...

Speaking of the number three, there's nothing more infuriating that people's pronunciation of the joyful description 'free' instead of the number 'three':

"The judge said that he'd 'freed him free times' and that was 'enough'. The accused proclaimed, 'Free times??? Yipeee! This judge gets better and better!'"

TimT said...

I think that sort of thing is a bit like stuttering - it's not like a grammatical error, it can't be corrected just by ticking the person off.

Did you know that Winston Churchill never learnt how to pronounce 'S'? He eventually learned to make the 'Sh' sound, which was acceptable for speeches in parliament. (This was probably helped by his alcoholism). That's right - his most famous speeches would have been pronounced like this:

"We will fight them on the beachesh. We will fight them in the air. We will NEVER SHURRENDER!"


"The Battle of Britain ish about to begin."


"An Iron Curtain hash deshcended acrosh Europe."

Don Quixote said...

At least he could say, "The Germans are coming, shhhhit!"

TimT said...

It makes more sense than "The Germans are coming, sit!"

ras said...

noice use of the teen movie.

yes i meant to say it like that

TimT said...

Ten Things I Hate About You is a great film, though not so great on repeated viewings. I love this bit:

"So how did you manage to keep him distracted while I got out of class?"

"I dazzled him with my ... wits."

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