Thursday, September 07, 2006

Vengeance of the Scaly Ones

Snakes on a Plane is a film about a plane with snakes on it. There was a little suspense at first, due to the lack of snakes and planes, but then the plane appeared, and the snakes came on shortly afterwards. Personally, I thought it was a little misleading to have the plane appear before the snakes when the snakes came before the plane in the title, but I guess in order to have some snakes, you have to have a plane to put them in.

As a film, Snakes on a Plane covers a diversity of subjects - all two of them - and deals with a variety of themes. There's lust (that bit where the snake comes across the couple in the toilet), violence (those bits where the snakes attack people), comedy (that bit when the snake attaches itself to another person's bit), romance (though that doesn't involve snakes, that is, unless you count ...) and death (those bits where people get bit). Dramatic tension is maintained over the film like when, for instance, the people move to another part of the plane and the snakes follow them but, like, they can't because they put a barrier up.

I have to say that, as far as films involving planes or snakes go, I quite enjoyed Snakes on a Plane, principally because it had both snakes and planes in it. However, I have just one minor quibble: the film should probably be titled 'Snakes in a Plane' rather than Snakes on a Plane, as in this film the snakes were in the plane much more than they were on it, and if the plane had snakes on it, then technically speaking, it wouldn't be much of a film as they'd all fall off.


- Not only are there snakes in a plane in the film, but there are also animals IN snakes in the plane, adding to the creative complexity and textual richness of the film!

- At a few points, there are also snakes IN people in the plane.

- Some headlines that could be used to describe scenes in this film: THE TWO-EYED TROUSER SNAKE, BOOTY AND THE BEAST, RAMPANT REPTILIAN ROGUES, VICIOUS VIPER GOES HYPER.

- No films were hurt in the snaking of this plane, although several snakes were filmed in the hurting of the plane.

- Apparently, the producers were originally going to make a film called Plakes on a Snane, but they couldn't find a snane, and the plakes were all on holiday, so bang goes that idea.

- I'm done!


Comic Mummy said...

I'd pay to see "Snakes on/in Tim's mind" - now THAT would be one hell of a ride...

TimT said...

Snakes are great. I think the film would have been just as good if it was snakes on a submarine or snakes in the back seat of a rented jalopy. This film was awesomely awesome (if you leave out the bad-acting bits, 'n' stuff.)

Comic Mummy said...

Snakes suck. We must agree to disagree.

kimba said...

thanks for the film review.. it's so nice to have people go out and watch all the films in the world that you really don't think you'd like to see but you have some curiousness about.. and you would go and see them if only you were a) a teenager or b) a fella

I don't like snakes and I feel a little less inclined to get on a plane after reading Harry Hutton's rant.. you're funny - I'll be back, if you'll have me..

TimT said...

Cold-blooded creatures leave you cold? It's a failure of the scalar!

I actually reckon snakes get a bad rap, but to each their own. Maybe I just relate to cold-blooded venomous creatures with a brain the size of a pea ...

Everyone's welcome on this blog, but which Hutton rant was that?

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