Thursday, September 14, 2006

Fair and Balanced

In the interests of a fair and balanced discussion, I bring you two noted political commentators from different sides of the political spectrum ...

I hope you've all learnt something.


Cazzie!!! said...

I learned that political commentators have one thing actualy in common...they have and always will use trickery to try to get the populous on their side.
Oh shit, I have never been a political commentor...only ever a spectator...what is happening here? LOL

TimT said...

I think that means you're a sane and sensible person!

Gauchegirl said...

I have learnt that political commentators appear far more persuasive if they have a moustache. You have to listen to someone with a moustache if only to have the opportunity to stare at them sometimes I think. I'm sure that helped them become famous.

TimT said...

I call this the 'David Niven Effect'. I think it could be because the growing of a moustache causes the man to have delusions of grandeur.

Hitler and Stalin certainly had impressive soup-strainers, almost as if they had a life of their own.

Nowadays, of course, the David Niven Effect is less common, but there are other effects that may be observed. For instance, the number of baldies, slapheads, and conkers entering politics - especially on the Tory side - is cause for the gravest concern.

In a few years time, I fear we could see a dictatorship of the bald over the the hairy. We must do all we can to avert this nightmare scenario, or it could have the gravest consequences for the future of civilisation ...

Tim said...

In his biography of Marx, Francis Wheen describes how Marx and Engels deliberately cultivated enormous beards and moustaches so as to make their persons more imposing. It's interesting that Lenin and Stalin went for a more minimalist look - but I guess they perverted so much of Marx's political philosophy that perverting his facial hair philosophy was the next logical step.

I've read that many people these days believe men with facial hair - or at least full beards and the like - to be shifty. I wonder if this is due to all those dictators. Even now it continues in the Middle East - Saddam, various Ayatollahs, the dude from Iran. The democratic West, however, has embraced the disposeable razor in a big way - we're governed by men who in many ways resemble wrinkly twelve-year-old boys - in some cases mentally as well as physically.

TimT said...

Facial hair kind of comes and goes; in the 70s, men cultivated the fluff; in the 80s through to today, the bare face was more the thing. I remember reading an essay about the whole phenomenon from a 1950s Australian writer - A A Phillips?

The CIA once contemplated putting poison in Cuba's water which would cause Castro's beard to drop out. True story! Apparently, this would have such an effect on his image that the Cubans would rise up in revolution, or something. I believe the same fate may have been contemplated for Stalin at one stage.

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