Thursday, September 07, 2006

Jolly Penguin Jape

If you ever go to the bar and meet a penguin there, be careful. They're great company, and they can drink you under the table, but they tell the strangest jokes.


Dr Evil said...

I hate penguins! Bastards marched past "Murderball" for best doco at the last Oscars.

TimT said...

Don't worry about it, the Oscars are basically an international penguin conspiracy anyway. Everyone says it's the freemasons control it, but it's really the penguins.

Kathy said...

Hmm Tim. You been hopping into the psychotropic drugs again mate? What penguin would have a name like Jeremiah....

Jeremiah was a bullfrog... Remember?
Was a good friend of mine too!!!

TimT said...

Jeremiah the bullfrog - nope, never heard of him.

Why are they called 'bullfrogs', btw - which came first, the 'bull' or the 'frog'?

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