Tuesday, September 05, 2006

A Number of Television Shows Could Be Improved By The Addition of A Dalek

It has always been my firm and unwavering conviction since this morning that the quality of shows on television could be vastly improved by the addition of a Dalek.


Parkinson and a Dalek
(See below)

The Bill and the Daleks
PC Ackland discovers a portal to the planet Skaro in a public housing block in the west-end of Sunhill.

The Daleks of Hazzard
Psychopathic octopus-like creatures in tin cans who spend their time racing one another in slightly larger tin-cans.

Dalek Hymns of Praise
Featuring the Aluminium Bucket Chorus singing "Davros is my Shepherd", "The Thalls Must Be Destroyed", and that old favourite, "The Exterminate Chorus". Coming this week from Shrewsbury Chapel.

Dharma and Greg and a Dalek
Dharma and Greg have a new flatmate on vacation from Skaro. The only problem is, whenever Dharma brings a boyfriend home, he exterminates them! Whacky comedy from the US.

The Simple Dalek Life

Reality show. Each week, different couples take turns on a Dalek farm in Iowa.

Help! I'm a Dalek! Get Me Out of Here!
Reality show. A Dalek is set down in the wilderness with a group of doped-up ferals. He'd exterminate them, but he's had one too many tokes of the waccy-baccy himself.

My Three Daleks

Re-run of a popular American sitcom about a regular guy who has three Daleks for sons.

Trading Dalek Places
An evil octopod creature who lives in a tin-can swaps places with international supermodel Paris Hilton. How long can they keep this up without anyone noticing? In this episode, both the Dalek and Hilton find they like it better this way. Also, the Dalek has a one-night stand! But could this lead to an ongoing relationship?


Resistance Is Futile

Current affairs program.

Davros's First Tuesday Book Club

You must read the Master's favourite books or be exterminated. No, we're serious.


Kathy said...

Yeah Tim ....Like Dancincg with the Daleks ... I Dream of Daleks....Get Smart, Daleks.....Married with Daleks....Please Don't Eat the Daleks...

Hmmm Timmy, scathingly brilliant idea mate!

TimT said...

Dancing with the Daleks would be hilarious!

ras said...

How about

Reality shows
Honey, we're killing the Daleks.

Sports shows
Rex Hunts Daleks World.
(where rex kisses them and throws them back)

Current Affairs
The Dalek Report,
Dalek Watch.
Forreign Dalek.

Six Daleks of Separation.
(for the Travellers out there)

TimT said...

This concept could go so many places. I feel as if we're really getting somewhere with this, people!

Maybe we could start up a new Pay TV Dalek Channel.

TimT said...

I was originally going to put in 'Steve Irwin, Dalek Hunter' into this post, but then heard about his death. Bang goes that idea!

Kieran said...

Desperate Daleks.
Strictly Come Daleks.
Steptoe and Dalek.
Last of the Summer Daleks.
Three Men and a Dalek.

I think you're right.

Kathy said...

Tim ,Absolutely enjoyed your Zine . Thanks heaps for sending it to me!
It's sooo hard to pick a favourite .. but I think the sinful little sentence did it for me mate! Brilliant.. That , last stanza just stays with me..

Well done cobber lookin' forward to the next one

TimT said...

Crikey - subscribers!

MrLefty said...

Comedy gold

Anonymous said...

Chico and the Dalek
Hogan's Daleks
I Dream of Dalek
My Mother the Dalek
Davros Knows Best

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