Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Some Of The Lesser Known Sequels To Mein Kampf

Sadly, Hitler was never able to repeat his early literary success, and eventually had to go into the world domination business to survive.

He failed.


Mein Kampf (The children's version, with brightly-coloured fold-out pictures!)

Mein Kampfing Experience in Der Bavarian Blackforest!

Smile, Hitler! (A Fascist Book of Funnies)

Mein Krampf - that I Got While Sieg Heiling Too Many Times! (A Fuhrer's Guide to Repetitive Strain Disorder)

Der Fast Und Der Fuhrer-ious (Fun und Games on der Autobahn)

They Don't Call Me Adolf HAT-ler for Nussink!

When You're Sieg Heiling, Der Whole World Sieg Heils With You: Songs (Including, Heil and Der World Heils With You, Don't Fraun, Eva Braun, and I Love The Sound of Reichstag In The Morning)

Heinrich DIMmler, Josef BURBLES, and Albert BOERING: anecdotes from my time in office.

Mein (INCREDIBLY!!!) Kampf Friends in Dusseldorf!

The Fuhrer on Durer

The Ubermensch on Judi Dench

Obey The Lieder: More Songs (Including Deutschland, Deutschland, BOOBIE Aller!)

Oswald was a Measly Moseley Who Didn't Choose His Muesli Wisely (and other fascist tongue-twisters)


Mister B said...

Mein Kampfing Experience in Der Bavarian Blackforest?


Well, I laughed. I wonder if I can set some of these texts in my International Politics class next year...

TimT said...

Fascist propaganda in the classroom isn't a good idea, unless the fascist propaganda is approved by the government.

In that case, you'd probably have a lot of other things to worry about, though ...

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