Tuesday, September 19, 2006

In This Workplace, We Obey The Law of Gravity

At work practicing my foot-dangling and head-lolling. *

Just noticed a coffee-stain on the ceiling.

WTF??? Did someone spill coffee in the wrong direction?

(*See our post on office ergonomics)


TimT said...
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TimT said...

Can anyone spot the Raymond Chandler reference?

ras said...

nope....whose raymond chandler?

TimT said...

He's a detective writer - a GREAT detective writer! Get a copy of The Big Sleep, it's worth it!

ras said...

Maybe they threw their coffee into the air after reading said raymond chandler novel because it was soooo good!

TimT said...

It could be.

When I mentioned the stain on the ceiling to someone at work, they suggested it was actually possum piss. Interesting news, considering I was actually sitting RIGHT under it!

The Raymond Chandler reference, btw, is in the line 'catch up on my foot dangling' - Chandler uses that line in 'The Big Sleep' ...

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