Thursday, September 21, 2006

Congratulations, It's An Appendix

A relative of one of the girls at work gave birth to an appendix today, and had a baby girl out as well. Or did I get that the long way around? She gave birth to a baby and had an appendix out. Whatever. But why should we discriminate between the two? I can see a beautiful future for this family, what with a growing baby girl and a healthy appendix to take care of ...

2007 - Appendix gets its first teeth, and says it's first word. Mumma! Mumma!

2008 - Appendix learns to walk, and starts to string words together.

2012 - Appendix goes to school and soon distinguishes itself as a fast learner.

2018 - Appendix attends a 'Little Olympics' and wins first prize on the hurdles.

In the eventuality that I ever father progeny of my own, I think I'll arrange to have a tonsilectomy when my wife delivers. That way, not only will I be near to her in the hospital, but I can also deliver a healthy pair of baby tonsils to cherish and take care of and love.

But remember, folks - an appendix or a pair of tonsils are for life. Not just for Christmas.


ras said...

watch out timmy babies are sexually transmitted

TimT said...

That's odd, I thought you got them at the store.

I wonder if it's the same for appendixes?

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