Friday, December 24, 2021

Don't mean to be terse, but seasonal verse, could it get any worse?

When Christmas forgot it was Christmas

When Christmas forgot it was Christmas,
She never could answer why; 
Perhaps she was tired and distracted, 
Or maybe just feeling too shy; 
Perhaps she had mislaid the address, 
For who could have forgotten the date? 
But Christmas forgot it was Christmas,
And arrived one day too late. 

When Christmas forgot it was Christmas,
She was reeling and feeling confused; 
Perhaps she was still hungover
From that end-of-year party with Suz. 
Was it due to the leap year or lockdowns?
She was getting herself into state - 
But Christmas was Christmas for all that, 
And decided to overcompensate. 

She filled every bowl to the brimful,
And poured foaming pintfuls of beer; 
For when Christmas forgot it was Christmas, 
It was Christmas each day for a year; 
Each day a new friend and new party, 
Each day a steaming-rich plate; 
For when Christmas forgot it was Christmas, 
They all said it was well worth the wait -  

Let's hold Christmas again next Christmas,
But let's hold it a day too late. 

Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Another Meta Entirely

Facebook parent Meta on Thursday launched Horizon Worlds, the first public iteration of its landmark virtual reality social platform, bringing the project out of private beta for millions of adults in the U.S. and Canada. The platform, which can only be accessed via an Oculus Quest device, marks Meta’s biggest step to date toward fulfilling CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s vision for a VR world that, in many ways, replaces our in-person reality.

Another Meta Entirely

The other day, I met a man, 
A meta Meta man. 
I met a man, on Meta, man, 
I met a Meta man. 

Who said:
                 I'm not sure who I am, 
Meta Joe or Meta Sam, 
Meta Tim or Meta Tam, 
Meta Sally, Meta Pam, 
Meta Krish, or Meta Cam. 
One time I was a Meta Dan, 
But was that just a meta sham?
One time I knew, but then forgot - 
I've been on Meta such a lot. 
Meta Pop? Or Meta Nan? 
Or Does It Really Meta Man?
Meta Who, or Meta What - 
Perhaps - 
                I think, therefore I'm not. 

He was a funny man to meet, 
That meta Meta man. 
I hoped his day got better, man, 
And beat my way - tout suite

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