Sunday, December 31, 2023

An unoriginal festive poem

There’s not much that’s new about Christmas;
There’s plenty of not new to tell:
But I’m growing quite fond of old things - 
I’m growing quite old as well. 

There’s not much that’s new about New Year;
It’s already old when it’s new;
But I don’t mind that, after all
They say I was too.

Saturday, December 23, 2023

Looking Awkward to Christmas

A Christmas Poem in Seven Ers

Twas the night before morning
And all through the place
Was the presence of regular 
Geometrical space.

Twas the night before morning 
And all through the… locality
Were spots with a definite 

Twas the night before morning - 
12.09, if you prefer. 
Not a creature was stirring
Except those that were.

Twas the night before morning, 
And then probably day :
Time continued to hold its
Chronological sway. 

It was night. And then morning. 
And there was a spot. 
It might have had creatures, 
But then, it might not. 

And then comes a man
With a bowlful of… jello?
(Or should it be egg nog?)
Red, green and yellow. 

Whatever it is 
Or whatever it might 
Whatever is wrong 
Or is maybe… not right,
To all, merry Christmas 
(etc) and 

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