Sunday, August 13, 2006

Possible Characters for Novels #4: Nonsequitur

Nonsequitur, the most notoriously unknown person in the world, was born two days before his birthday, and adopted his genetic parents several days afterwards. He is young for his age and, at being 1.32 metres tall, shorter than most people of his height. His two brothers are named Ipsofacto and Ergosum: they are both girls, which occasionally prompts the greeting "Gentles and Ladymen" from him when addressing them.

He once had a dog but it died.

UPDATE! - I checked my 'Possible Characters for Novels' series on google. It seems Nonsequitur here - my fourth possible character - is actually my 5th possible character, as well.

Hey, it's in keeping with his character, at least.

My favourite so far is Lobelia Pintsquip.


ras said...

I'm sure name's meaning is linked to the rest of the story but i am going to show my ignorance here and say, I dont know what all that means....I am confused, My braing hurty!!!!

I'm guessing this Character would appear in a Non Fiction Novel, A fiction stranger than truth?

TimT said...

Well, not really, just had the idea this morning. Non sequitur is a latin term for 'Does not follow'. I was originally going to use it for my post below, since 'The weather is wonderful. I think I might clean the bathroom' is a good example of a non sequitur.

Pretty much an excuse for me to string a couple of ideas together I'd been brooding on.

Maybe you could get your own back and start blogging in binary or some other geek-idiom or algorithm, that'd stuff me up!

Caz said...

That kid has a slappable face.

Nice dog though.

The Dog of Freetown said...

He's the winningest character so far, so I might clean the bathroom.

TimT said...

I really need to get a WillTypeForFood artist so I don't have to rely on google images. Unpaid position, of course ... but think how it'll look on your resume!

Anonymous said...

Can't draw Tim, unless you like stick figures.

Of course, the rather famous graphic novelist (comic book guy) Harvey Pekar used to write the stories and get someone else to do the drawings for him.

Anonymous said...

Love it! am linking to it right now. Chock full of procrastinatory goodness. :)

TimT said...

Stick figures will do fine. I once drew a cartoon called 'The Amazing Adventures of Blindman', after all ...

Anonymous said...

Martin Martins and Horace Greely Lampington Urglemurg are both #3. Is this enigmatic anomaly a product of cunning wisdom, or an accidental oversight? Perhaps it's to do with '#' and '3' residing on the same key?

TimT said...

I'd like to go for option a)Cunning wisdom but it's probably more b) Accidental oversight.

A Freudian slip of the fingers, mayhap. Or possibly I'm just scared of the number 6 (a little like Mr Martins down there, who has a morbid fear of the number 11).

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