Thursday, February 15, 2007


It was bitterly cold yesterday; a few wisps of snow started drifting down in the evening, and by 10.30 it really started coming down. I imagine about now the TV networks will be going absolutely ape: OMG! Snow in New York for Valentine's Day!

I'm heading down to Central Park this morning to see what it's like down there, and this evening I'll probably be going to a performance poetry event. I wrote this for the occasion:

A Polygamist to his Loves
(Written on St Valentine's Day)

Let us go then, you and I... (and everyone else)
I've booked us a place in the sun;
A cosy set of hotel rooms
With beds for twenty-one.

Just you and I, my dear, and no-one other
And all my children's other mothers.

It's you alone, my love (in the collective sense)
That gives my heart this great experience.

Love is the medicine, restorative, and cure-all -
And works much better, don't you think, in plural?

I've got some news for everyone - you'll be delighted
To know:
............................ I'm getting married!
................................................................... And you're all invited!

More to come. I'll try and get some pictures up today, if I can work out how to do it on these computers.

UPDATE! The proof. Such as it is.

Night before.

Outside my window. That roof at the bottom is normally ridiculously grotty.

The rooftops of NY.

Central Park. Not included are the pictures of famous writer-statues. I'm afraid to say that I laughed at one of them and called him not very nice names.

My ugly mug. Feel free to make fun of me and call me not very nice names.


Shelley said...


Deerstalker would have been perfect for Central Park...

TimT said...

Everybody's wearing these ridiculous deerstalkers. They bounce around the streets, which are made extra-slippery with the snow, and the deerstalker ears flop up and down like wings. I have an equally ridiculous picture of myself in Central Park in my Fedora, which I shall soon inflict on everyone.

Alexis, Baron von Harlot said...

From schnow to Broadway: there's no business like schnow business.

TimT said...

I hate to be accused of being a schnow off, but I just had to inflict these pictures on you. Schnow is such a rare event in the lives of Australians.

Alexis, I'm not sure if it's come out in Australia yet, but the latest edition of the New Yorker - aside from having some fabulous cartoons and the usual brilliant commentary - also has a) A fascinating interview/profile on American professional origami man, Robert Lang; and b) A fascinating reference to the Union Recorder (in an article on quotations), which not only shows how wicked-rad the UR was in its heyday, but also how brilliant the research skills of New Yorker writers are. It's in their double-size anniversary edition.

Alexis, Baron von Harlot said...

Nice hat!

My friend from Columbia uni and I sat in that very half-a-rotunda last April, feeling pleasantly warm in shirt sleeves.

Looking forward to the New Yorker. The UR reference warms my nostalgic cockles (whatever they are). Does the Robert Lang article offer step-by-step instructions on folding your very own Statue of Liberty?

Anonymous said...

Tim.. you look so.. debonair..
So 19th century!

I mean that as a compliment.

You handsome devil you!

We Play our flutes as we cross to the far shore.

And the sun is setting as I see off my friends.

Turn and look back over the lake-

White clouds curl on the blue hills.

Wang Wei.

Shelley said...

Wait, you're a real boy? I was expecting something computer generated or something.

Aren't your ears cold in that hat?

Anonymous said...

Alexis: No, but the article does contain an entertaining anecdote about Robert Lang being asked to fold a statue of Liberty. It is flattering to both Lang and Lady Luck. Speaking of Lady Luck, I'm off to see her today.

Why thank you, Kathy!

Nails: My ears were just a little bit chilly. I have a beanie somewhere for when it gets really cold. Or when I want to look nasty. Though it's colour is light red - almost pink!
I am, unfortunately, real.

ras said...

You look kind of amish

the schnow is cool. I saw snow in switzerland it was a bit of a treat. New York is kind of cool and some-where i'd visit whilst skipping the rest of that country.

Caz said...

Get pics of the snow covered park Timmy.

We mourn with you over the loss of your photogenic umbrella. It was but a firefly in your life.

Caz said...

And yes, that should have been "great pics" ...

Ampersand Duck said...

Good pome. I hope it was received well! If not you can tour the mid-west, where it should get standing ovations.

Anonymous said...

In the end, I didn't perform it, but I had been planning to make references to weddings in Utah, etc, etc. I performed this instead, which did go down well.

Deadman said...

Look out for that giant clam that's about to swallow your head!!!!

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