Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Great Moments In Junk Food

They taste like Cheese Twisties, in case you're wondering.


TimT said...

Note to American readers: 'Doodle' is one of those phrases that have different meanings depending on which side of the Pacific ocean you come from. Like 'Roots'. Or 'taking the piss'.

Which is sort of what this post is doing.

TimT said...

Further note to readers in general: I almost broke up in laughter on the Subway three weeks ago when I saw an ad for an exhibition entitled


Bill Clinton, one presumes, would be heavily implicated in that one. Probably JFK, too.

ras said...

Doodles.... cheesey doodles moreover.
I'm sorry, i couldnt knowingly stick a cheesey doodle in my mouth. Especially if they taste like twisties.... because twisties to me, taste stale and salty and like off cheese.... the metaphor is so close that its so, so, so, wrong

Anonymous said...

Ha! Now there's a fascinating comment! So the resemblance is not just coincidental!

(This comment bought to you by the local Narita Airport Internet Terminal and a frazzled Tim, waiting for his Qantas flight)

kae said...

Cheesy doodles?

Mom shoulda taught him how to wash better.


kae said...

Where'dya need the rain, Tim?

We got PLENTY!

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