Saturday, April 05, 2008

Freudian traumas about wimples

A brief review of the film 'The Other Boleyn Girl'.

Sex. Violence. Extra-marital affairs with the king of England. Exile. Treason. Rape. Power lust. Incest. Decapitation. Also, wimples, people having sex in wimples, people having sex while committing violence in wimples, people having incest in wimples, people having Freudian traumas about wimples, and horses.

Add these things together, and you've pretty much got The Other Boleyn Girl in a nutshell. Or a wimple, as the case may be.


Tim said...

I just looked up "wimple". It doesn't mean what I thought it meant.

Congrats on the acquisition of the apartment and the disorganised real estate agent!

Anonymous said...

Sounds good to me, I've amways wanted to see a real wimple movie.

Anonymous said...

I wrote amways instead of always?

I've been possessed by salespeople far more insidious than real estste agents!

TimT said...

Thanks Tim! And I suppose "wimple" stands to "whimper" as "simple" does to "simper", and "pimple" does to "pimper", etc.

Anonymous said...

Nitpick: the wimple was out of fashion at the Henrician court. They're mostly wearing French Hoods, with a few stiffer English (gable) Hoods in places. Wimples covered the neck and throat as well as the hair, and by 'Enery's time the portraits all show plenty of neck.

But wimple is a much more euphonious word, I have to admit.

TimT said...

Ah, right-ho.

TimT said...

On the plus side, I love how blogging offers people the opportunity to nit-pick about wimples. That's a definite plus.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely Tim! Everyday life so rarely allows me the chance to nitpick about wimples!

That's why I had to nitpick about other aspects of the costumes (and other foibles) of The Tudors miniseries just a few days ago. I was much more longwinded than you are here though.

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